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Our New Eloo Restroom

Eloo Restroom

An ODNR NatureWorks grant helped us build an environmentally friendly restroom, "The Eloo," that was completed this June. The Eloo uses no electricity, water, or chemicals and does not discharge liquids, chemicals, sewage, or odors into the environment. It uses the evaporation system to process waste. The Eloo unit consists of a self-contained polyethylene tank with a drying tray, stack, and toilet. The exposed portion of the Eloo is positioned to face south in order to maximize the heating effects of the sun. The Eloo is manufactured here in the US by SWSLoo near Austin, TX.

At the present time, there are two Eloos in existence in the state of Ohio. The other one is at a golf course in Harrison OH. However, there are many of them installed all over the country and the world. We think the Eloo is a perfect application for our Nature Center use.

view of Eloo tank
View of Eloo tank

how Eloo works
How the Eloo works

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